Saturday, August 13, 2011

GO Language

Google has announced a new programming language called 'GO'. Google promises that GO has very fast development capability like Python and security like C and C++. Still this is an experimental language. It was announced in late 2009 in Google IO. Any full fledged SDK is still not available. You can simply download and unzip the package and start development.

Mascot for the GO language( Gordon, Gopher)

Google has enabled the hosting of GO apps in its App Engine infrastructure. With GO language it will be very easy to push your apps in Google's cloud. App Engine has datastore facility and by hosting application on App Engine infrastructure you can very easily use Google's data store facility.

Go was initially designed for web-server designing and systems programming but later it turned out to be a general purpose language. If you want to write a system program which deals with thousands of parallel communicating threads, GO is a great platform for you. 

Let's GO

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